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Vanessa Hall

Chef Vanessa Hall has been creating delicious & unique food experiences for over a decade. After graduating from The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Colorado in 2012, she has continued to expand her knowledge of the culinary arts. Starting as a Head Chef at an innovative GF Bakery in CO, Head Chef at a favorite Quincy restaurant in the heart of downtown, & now as a local small business owner manifesting her passions with Simply UnJunked!

“Not only do I get to play & create new dishes almost every day, but I also get to help people. That is my favorite part! I have lived in that world of food restrictions that limit my ability to simply order lunch or dinner from a local restaurant. So I focused on learning how to work with different ingredients & techniques to modify recipes & make them work for me. I am so excited to be able to share this knowledge & delicious food with others who are struggling! Simply UnJunked will forever strive for a change to mouthwatering food made with a healthier, organic, non-gmo, unrefined, whole food way of eating! Our food is simply made better!” -Chef Vanessa Hall

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